About a Baby’s Fingers – Grab On

Fingers, feet and hands. It sounds too much like a nursery rhyme but don’t get me wrong I would never interrupt a good nursery rhyme!

What I’m trying to say is that your baby will learn it all. 

Did you forget how important it is for your little one to start grabbing and holding on? They use their fingers and hands in so many ways. Whilst raising your baby is hard for you it is hard for them too. They’re the ones who need to learn from every task they can.

From Day 1

Did you know?

A baby needs attention in almost every way. You might have guessed it that we, the human species, would learn from mum and/or dad but many lessons are learnt on our own.

When you first learnt to grip it would have definitely helped if you were assisted by mom and dad! You should place lighter objects around a baby to make your baby’s playtime easier and much more fun!!!

Toys have been around for thousands of years, toys are not a new invention… 

They are for your baby to learn to wake up inside this new world or ‘realm’ called planet Earth. Alot of you out there delving into this small essay are familiar with your own toys that you’ve played with. This PC you’re on might be a toy for a number of you too. Your favourite toy has to be the one you first fell in love with. Some of you might have a number of favourite toys, who knows? I have personally had three favorites and each one had gotten smaller than the last one. We all have our tastes change once we gain more awareness of the world outside. Eventually we have no more liking for toys as our hand-eye co-ordination grows and so games and later on in life sports occupy our time! Reading is also a pastime some of us choose… Don’t make me go through them all… There are cars, magazines, boogie boards and it doesn’t stop there but some of these you don’t really need…

Lets stay in touch with our subject at hand!

Once they really move it you could find it frustrating at times. A baby will in only a few months from birth start grasping in one way or another…

Ever heard of the palmar hand reflex? It’s a baby’s ability to wrap his/her fingers around yours. Thumbs, objects, that kind of stuff. Once a baby feels an object or finger inside one palm or the other they should have a grip on it as a natural reflex, cool? As time goes by a baby will be able to keep a grip for a longer and longer time.

Try it and see for yourself! Even a stranger will experience such a reaction. Try it on both hands!

Fingers and Toes

As I have tried outlining in previous articles, I oftenish mention that a baby has certain milestones you can expect and these milestones can be both interesting and exciting! Inside each few months their are at least a few milestones! Each one is something your baby will go through too, other babies are not unique at this. Some milestones I have taken care to write below, please read on:

  1. From birth to three months a baby will hold fists, he/she will in eventuality move the arms (uncontrollably); a baby will look at each hand whilst moving them; will place a hand or two in mouth… They gain the use of their entire arms; they will now observe moving people; they start gripping and holding objects successfully
  2. From three to six months a baby now perceives and acts differently and will notice an object from a good distance away! The use of both the hands and arms has increased when reaching at objects. He/she will hold one hand with the other and move an object from one to the other
  3. From six to nine months their eyes have opened in terms of grasp… Holding an object is now possible! Your baby is by this stage also involved in raking at toys with their fingers! So exciting… Keeping one object in their hands while looking for another; poking at toys; placing an object inside their mouth; holding a bottle… How could you miss it?
  4. From nine to twelve months you can observe one hand taking favour over another! Grabbing at crayons and turning pages in a book… Your baby will display talents such as feeding his or herself with their own fingers and so by this stage you might want to, now and then, feed a baby finger foods!

Their Progess In a Nutshell

I can compare self-feeding to weight lifting at times. Of course lifting weights is harder in the long run but when you first start out you were probably as confused as a baby! You cannot  grip a weight in any way you like.

Maybe you have quit gym for such a reason and eventually we all seem to have quit! A baby never quits! Maybe when they cry but that doesn’t count…

All babies have their instincts and they act on them. It is their unique formula they use in order to keep learning. They are always involved in something. There are too many tasks to count… Am I mistaken when I say, “They don’t even take Sundays off!”?

A baby’s instinct acts again and here we see that feeding habits have changed, finger eating begins and all we can do is watch! A baby can fling or mistakingly drop little pieces of food all over the place from the floor to the ceiling! 

They might very well need ‘all senses involvement’! Touch, taste, smell, feeling and seeing are five senses we all use. Some don’t… A baby could though squish or smear, drop or flick, fling and more! Who knew you were in the front row to such a show?

Finger Foods

Eating Alone

Your baby will respond differently to other babies.

The way they respond is limited though mom and dad! So you add some pieces of your baby’s finger eating food to the tray in front. On the tray itself, unbreakable plates or a sturdy bowl and so on…

The response falls down to two results:

  • Your baby eats it all at once taking it all in almost one gulp
  • Baby bumps mealtime off to the floor below

How do you avoid this?

Supervise closely and feed your baby less pieces at any given time is my best advice. Would you put too much on a spoon for them? Give them little by little!…

Safety Does It

Your baby can only chew soft foods because they can only use their gums.

They won’t have the ability to eat foods that can’t be mashed by the gums or that don’t dissolve in the mouth. Other foods to avoid are those that will get sucked too easily into their windpipe.

Once a baby uses fingers to enjoy mealtimes, please note that the following food is no good… A definite risk:

  • Hard pieces of fruit
  • Raw veg.
  • Peas for instance that are kept whole or unmashed
  • Chunky meat bits or pieces
  • Raisins
  • Grapes
  • Sausages and also avoid viennas
  • Peanuts and nuts of all kinds
  • Hard cheese
  • Hard Candy
  • Popcorn
  • Peanut butter since it won’t dissolve easily at all

A baby’s food is to be taken care of before each mealtime… 

You can always make each cube, chunk, slice, bit or piece smaller for complete safety!

Did You Know???

Your child could learn to chew as late as between the age of four and five!!!

To End…

As a baby’s grip grows so safety measures will have to grow too. He/she will grab any object that he/she wants. Choking hazards and dangerous objects must by now be kept well out of reach…

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