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I remember as a baby I had certain rights like eating, sleeping, that is whenever I wished. I would play hard and playing teaches us everything at that age, we somehow never give up for those few weeks and months. Their is no boss but yourself! 

I remember my clothes; my birthdays; my naps; my confusions; my thoughts growing day by day; my activties and so on…

I remember listening to my parent’s rules, occassionally and trying my best to memorise them, though I would sometimes forget them until I learnt that they were rather important. Leaving the kitchen or being careful of strays; walking into rooms too quickly was a danger for me and picking up speed around the legs of adults was really confusing!! 

I have memories of puberty and high school, milestones begotten by triala and error but the lessons I took seriously were those in nursery school and beforehand. I really had to concentrate! Like waking on stilts! Although I appreciate those days for the fun they enstilled in me and my sense of achievement I daily experienced. I had my fair share of toys; I never fell in love with cars and really boyish toys unless it was my Transformer, Optimus Prime from a fighter-jet to a flying robot, I enjoyed it tremendously along with a green Poweranger I couldn’t take my eyes off. The alien stuff seemed to be my niche in those few months and years.

I got along with other kids my age but somehow I was blind to other age-groups and anytime I felt their presence or saw them I usually saw them as bullies or a one form of threat or another. They then and there could separate me from my future in which I was involved in playing with my ‘alien’ toys and finding more comfort in things…

I remember ‘sleeping’ in Show and Tell realising I had not much to offer since I didn’t really care about the ego-trip it seemed to bring me, the girls didn’t participate since they would agree. We waited in a group of well-behaved though slightly jealous kids, all for the richer kid to show-off his biggest toy from home and taunt us for a definite few  seconds or even in minutes making us feel guilty for not participating at all. I think our teacher enjoyed it all as a way of making us grow up and of course some of the young passively rebelled. Our teacher used ventriloquism as a way to deliver us her version of show and-tell…

This we were surprised by but without colours and props, teachers and jungle-gyms we would have been lost. We might have been seen as hateful, embarassing eachother and unable to last the weekdays without eventually coming to fists as much as 3 to 6 year olds could. Just a small joke!

I loved this teacher and learnt that rewards came to me after playing hard. Visiting your toys to play with or enjoying your evening bath. It’s probably true that the more privileged kids new the rewards in a far more tangible way than I.
Nonetheless all of us agreed with sharing toys, flying them around and even injuring eachother by mistake. 

Our incessant play seems never to end until we see the sports field and all get blamed for wanting toys for boys or we drop our games as girls and get more talking done than anything else.



I know the early stages of life for your child are important to you otherwise you wouldn’t have read thus far.I often often think each couple giving birth to a child of their own and how much time and energy it takes. I know children shift our focus; they are innocent attention-grabbers almost 100% of the time!


Africa is a home to us alLLThis site is created to satisfy all of your baby’s needs! From A to Z!!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Eric Rubin


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