Babies and Tantrums – Hungry and Frustrated

Babies and tantrums is nothing new. Whether we spot an occurence of this nature in a mall, a park outside, a bus stop, a subway it is something we all know about.

Other than being an innocent bystander and continuing to live in your daydreams whilst a child/baby is crying, wouldn’t you like to know how it feels for a parent and what causes such an event?

Humans Will Be Humans

Crying and sometimes biting are the polar opposites but are associated with a temper tantrum!

No-one likes a tantrum and it can definitely have me turn my head when I experience it firsthand. The kid might be right, maybe they have a point. Worse yet they have stubbed their toe or fallen off some stairs but their is a slightly different sound to a tantrum…

No, don’t judge. 

Who has had one? A tantrum that is! I’m so sorry fellow human beings…

My personal tantrums generally came from physical irritation.

Sometimes we cannot help it and I guess it is a learning process for the parent, it’s harmless in the end! 

It is another language to throw a tantrum, no? Is screaming something too hard to understand? Maybe not!

Thirst, hunger. tiredness, the inability to communicate, fear and anxiousness are all causes for tantrums in young’uns.

Preventing a Tantrum In Babies

Some people swear babies always make specific sounds for specific reasons. They even have their own language, some say. Although I would say confidently that all tantrums or crying spells in babies are caused by something. It must be true…

  • Babies can never be expected to calm themselves down. Use touch and a soft voice to calm your baby down
  • A baby is only capable of so much… Help yourself in a situation like this by staying realistic
  • Take care with them when you move them over with you to new activities
  • When a baby is tired let babies nap or sleep
  • Stay as calm as you can when your baby is overly emotional otherwise things will simply get worse
  • Give your baby toys that are right for their age and ability level so they can stay unfrustrated and correctly stimulated
  • Patience with your baby in unfamiliar environments is necessary
  • Hold baby on the side of his/her body or on the tummy instead of on his/her back
  • A pacifier or a finger to suck on can calm them
  • Jiggle babies gently (rhythmic swaying resembles the movement of the womb)
  • Wrapping them in a blanket soothes one’s baby (him/her)

My Baby Won’t Stop Crying…

You’re not a bad mom if your baby doesn’t stop crying. Soothing your baby is a natural habit. Some soothing techniques work and some don’t! 

…You’ve done everything by now and baby is still in your arms crying… Don’t panic! Babies cannot tell you how hungry they are nor wish you could turn him/her over. 

When a baby cries are they calling for help? It’s a cue and you should answer.

Hunger Pains

When babies are hungry they can quietly fuss and squirm. 

Crying will only escalate one doesn’t feed them. 

…In newborns wails (aprolonged high-pitched cries of pain, grief, or anger) are likey to start right away… They may give a sucking motion with their his/her tongue. Lip-smacking and also fingers are placed into the mouth…

Help your baby quickly so that he/she doesn’t get worked up anymore. 

A consequence is that babies can gulp in air with their meal of milk if still too upset. So they can trap gas or spit up, then the crying will escalate!

Pain from gas, teething or illness will have a piercing cry as an effect and is difficult to console. Newborns have a distinct, high-pitched wail but this does not result from pain of any sort. As they grow older each cry they take is longer.

Crying and More Crying

Your baby might nod off to sleep after crying. It seems there isn’t always a reason for crying. I know when I cried it was the stress I had from the environment around me. Now and then you just need a healing touch. I read that 80-90% of all babies cry for anything from fifteen minutes to an hour!!

Time To Cope…

Not everything is up to you. Take some advice from other people. Get their help physically. You might let your baby nap on your partners shoulder for one. A family member or a (best) friend could take over from you. Take help, know your limits! Please…

Get your sleep, your health ensures your baby’s.

A baby will never cry forever. Don’t forget.

Child Tantrums

When children throw tantrums they aren’t necessarily trying to manipulate you. Outbursts can be an expression of ‘where they’re at’ or how they feel in the moment. Once their outburst is over you should think of helping them further and allowing for bonding between you both, it is your duty… This way bad behaviour, shouting and screaming will seem like a natural part of life. Your child can’t just quit such phases…

Did you know?

Ha, got you!

Excited? No, not really? Here are some facts that definitely amazed me and should do you the same…

  • A newborn doesn’t cry tears during the first 3 or 4 weeks of life due to the fact that the tear ducts have not yet formed
  • Did you know all babies are born with no kneecaps? Babies have a structure of cartilage that resembles the kneecaps! This cartilage will not develop until they are fully six months old and that is the reason most of them crawl on their arms instead of on all fours
  • Adults have 206 bones compared to a baby that has a total of 300 to be exact! A baby’s bones will fuse together during growth
  • Women’s voices and high-pitched singing is prefered by all babies everywhere! Second best comes men’s voices and the low-pitched kind
  • Both parents of a newborn lose 6 months worth of sleep in the first 2 years of their baby’s life
  • Newborn babies can only see in black and white for the first few months of their life!

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