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Music may be the greatest gift of them all. The hippies certainly had their mini-golden age of musical enjoyment. Babies deserve theirs and in fact they have such a thing, if you tap into it, something brainy! That is through baby music!

Why Even Bother?

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Brainy baby music? What could it possibly be? I agree with giving your baby the best chance in life. A good headstart involves quite a few things… Music is said to have an effect on babies even before birth.

Although my mother did  listen ever so often to classical music. She once told me how she placed her headphones on her belly, allowing me to hear my first notes ever. Problem is at such an early stage of life, it might have been futile, I haven’t remembered it!

Studies have it proven that babies in the womb who are exposed to classical music exhibit postive changes in physical and mental development after birth.

100 billion loosely connected nerve cells, this is the amount a baby has in their bodies. Cool? “Intercellular is something not to be forgotten, so many experiences help strenghten the cellular connections in the baby’s brain… It takes hours to stimulate your baby whether they are in the mother’s womb or out of it! One conclusion top scientists have come to, they now believe in music as being a key to brain-building… 

The amazing effect music has on the mind starts even before birth. Recent studies have shown that children exposed to classical music in the womb exhibit a positive change in physical and mental development after birth. In a recent experiment, fetuses were exposed to 70 hours of classical music during the last weeks of pregnancy. At six months, these babies were more advanced in terms of motor skills and linguistic and intellectual development than babies who received no musical stimulus. Babies are born with 100 billion loosely connected nerve cells in their bodies – various cognitive and mental experiences help establish and strengthen the inter-cellular connections in the brain. Scientists now believe that listening to music is a key “brain-building” experience.

I repeat myself slightly- playing music to your baby can activate the pathways linked to many skills, creativity etc.

Here it is_

Mathematics; memory; creativity; spatial intelligence; language; emotional intelligence… Mathematics as an example (who wants to know? -sarcasm) is a subject that can grow along with a human’s musical background, practice therefore…

Newborns cry themselves -to-sleep-

Memory in babies is also strengthened due to music, a study suggests when looking at 3 month olds… I like this one, ‘language is also strengthened due to music listening’…

We cannot find time to practice music playing but from tribes to our modern and highly social realm called metropolises ( Iam truly sorry if you don’t live in the Big City, maybe you and your family should move!) we all know what music is and it is extremely rare for people to hate music itself.

Spatial intelligence, another. This is the ability to recognise yourself within space and the ability to take in and understand one’s outer and visual world. A study in California shows that young’uns achieved much more success at completing puzzles due to music lessons than those who took computer lessons. So the signs that music works are positive, it stimulates our brains just talking of it.

Though I wonder what animals really think of the various types of music, they most likely hated the hippy era in this regard, too bad, so sad! Although there is no love lost on our animal population from my side!

EQ, Emotional Intelligence:

We know that music causes us all strong emotional change. Inner awareness develops as many feelings are evoked when ‘the music’ is on! This invisible awareness is honed and will help babies detect others’ moods and emotions.

Closely linked to EQ and as neuroscience states, creativity is on the right-hand side of anyone’s brain. I know when it comes to myself and peers around me, for eg. On camp we sit around starting with some degree of logic and some amount of excitement but once the camp is set up and we might have eaten, creativity is one’s second wind and is not exactly counterintuition but rather a necessary part of us.

A study done in Hungary finds that three to four year olds, given music and singing lessons, achieved better grades in creativity than other children who did not take musical training.

Which Vibes?

In fact I do believe babies can hear music inside their mother’s womb. The Mozart Effect is a theory developed by Dr Gordon Shaw and means to say that listening to classical music will make you smarter.

Can babies even hear inside the womb? They can, both inside and on the outside. Week sixteen tells all as most of the baby’s ear structures are formed. Some edvidence exists to suggest babies learn to recognise mom’s voice while inside the womb…

Sleeping is in fact helped by the right music. He/she might stay asleep longer too. Just be sure to play music softly whilst they are asleep… For those you who don’t prefer classical music it is often said different types of music is not far from a very good idea! It is good to experment yall! Lullabies are not the only way!!!

Real Tips!!    My baby acknowledges me

  • Expose your baby to all types of music.
  • Any kind should have a postive effect, keep this time interesting for you both. It’s good to experiment.
  • Play your favourite sounds.
  • Avoid playing music too loudly.
  • Music that is chaotic should be avoided.
  • Music with basic melodies and rhythms works well.
  • Varying tempos keeps it interesting.

Your baby is able to smell even before birth – about 28 weeks into pregnancy. Scent is important from day one, because it is directly linked to and influences

emotion and memory in the brain. Enjoyable and familiar scents have been proven to boost mood, calmness and alertness. Babies can recognise their mothers

by smell alone. When combined with touch, olfactory stimulation helps with the learning process.


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After labour the ‘transition’ phase arrives as mom’s cervix grows in diameter from eight to ten centimetres. Waiting until the ‘time to push’ is often thr roughest segment. Contractions are so powerful…

Sound familiar? at least some of it?

Now that you’re responsible for raising a tiny human, you not only want to keep this tiny being safe and healthy but you also want to see your baby thrive and reach his/her fullest potential. Thankfully children are biologically built to learn and fast! So nature is on your side.

Don’t kill the music!!!

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4 thoughts on “Brainy Baby Music – Babies Have Vibes”

  1. I enjoyed reading this. I totally agree with the different vibes that babies possess. They are so open to every aspect of music, color, art, emotion, it just goes on and on. Maybe that’s why they have more fun than the adults…lol

  2. Hi. I love this article. It reminds me of my motherhood experiences. I agree with all you said and for me, expected mom I believe needs to do this kind of stuff like if you want your child to have passion in reading, mom should spend time reading some stories or anything that will stimulate the fetus. While inside the womb, mom can show her love and affection by doing any stuff that will nurture the child emotionally.

    1. Raquel it’s true. I too believe this just like you do!!!
      A mother can always try harder!!! There are so many things you can do with them although it might happen that it all gets a little unconventional at times! Thx!!! Good vibes to you all…

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