Baby Kicks in the Womb – Natural Experiences When You Are Pregnant

Baby kicks seem a mystery to most men and women who have never had a child!

Further more what are they specifically? How are they caused and so on? Sometimes we need to pay more attention to others or what some call God’s Creation (Adam and Eve)… Religion aside, we all need a deeper share of knowledge in terms what happens during pregnancy…

Our child or our sibling is no small part of our lives! We need to constantly learn from them and we can only hope, in most cases, that they learn from us!!!

How about we delve into the deeper side of what your mother had to have gone through? It is just a phenomena that takes place in a mother’s womb. What happens when a baby kicks in the womb?

I have always thought that only some mother’s feel their baby kicking.

Some other pregnant women feel it in a harsher way…

Starting Movements

When a baby starts moving it is a good sign…

Then, I guess it’s normal to feel your baby kick once in a while…

There is another occassion in which you will experience pain. When you give birth your whole body is involved!

You may already know this in fact but giving birth is not pleasant. Some mother’s say they had an easier time of it than others have!

Dad is there holding hands with mom… He is in distress! If he is then it’s a definite sign that he loves you!

This is probably a fantasy for some of you. Most of you…

As Buddhism states, birth is suffering.

Think about it. It’s no easy task. Really I agree with this teaching. Old age, sickness aswell as death are suffering the teaching says.

Kicking and evening punching pains aren’t like getting butterflies in your stomach…

It may start out as hardly anything when your baby first moves. Their movements are not strong enough early on.

When a baby is twelve weeks of age is the earliest you can feeling him/her kicking! It is probably gonna happen by the time they are 24 weeks old…


Kicking, moving, squirming in the womb is in fact called ‘quickening’.

Quickening:  “To reach the stage of pregnancy when the fetus can be felt to move.”

Babies in the womb move their hands, hiccup and explore the uterus…

This exploration is an activity they can spend a good amount of their time on!

Changing sides is a common occurence…

Less common is their ability to complete somersaults inside the womb! Have you heard of this?

Your baby is moving long before the twenty-four week mark. You might not be able to recognise movements at all… You could misplace these ‘shifts’ for something else like wind.

Your baby will stretch to relax… They will react to the environment outside mom’s stomach. This is the most obvious cause for movement.

Remember babies sleep inside the womb. You need to get them to relax to send them to sleep!

What to do to stop kicks and movements:

  • If you move around you will send baby into a relaxed state and even to sleep
  • Relaxation exercises (yoga and meditation are good examples)

Relaxation Done Easily

You are linked in many ways to your baby when he/she is in the womb!

If you relax, baby can and will relax!

When your heart rate is lowered your baby’s heart rate will lower… When you calm your breathing by practicing relaxation techniques you are going to see a change in both you and your baby. So if the environment affects your baby then other things will!

Here are some simple ways to find relaxation during pregnancy:

  • Take a bath


How simple! Just make sure you run a bath that is not too hot for your baby! Arometherapy will work wonders for you!!!

  • Get a massage!

Get a gentle massage if you are scared to harm yourself and your baby…

You can definitely visit a spa and go through more than one of their treatments! They usually offer massages of all kinds…

Do it at least once or twice while you are pregnant I would suggest. You will really enjoy yourself moms!

Relaxing Through Easy Meditation

  1. Begin with your eyes closed. This sounds like a long bath… Begin with your eyes closed…
  2. Picture your body whilst your eyelids are shut completely.
  3. Relax your body slowly. Don’t relax it fully, just about a third of the way or a half of the way. I think it is uncomfortable to just relax deeply straight away. Small steps in this meditation counts.
  4. Now picture your ears relaxing and then relax them. They will relax a bit I promise.
  5. Relax your mouth. Your lips especially…
  6. Now relax your armpits!
  7. Relax your forearms
  8. Relax your feet…
  9. Don’t sleep…

Pick any body part you want to and just relax it a little bit.

Visulaise and relax for example:

  • The hair
  • Your nails
  • Your fingertips
  • Your toes
  • Your ankles
  • Relax your calves
  • Relax your tongue
  • Relax your buttocks
  • Relax your bellybutton
  • Relax your nose
  • Relax your elbows

Stop when you’re ready!

Remember to stop when you want to or before your bath becomes too cool… Enjoy!

Babies are Alike

The average number of kicks is between 15 and 20 per day!!! Though every baby is different…

Some move all the time whilst others move when you are asleep.

Did you know?

For as much as 17 hours per day is the time a baby will rest and sleep inside it’s mother’s womb.

In time you will become more aware of your baby. In terms of how many movements are made in a certain amount of hours, you should feel at least ten movements in a two hour period…

36 weeks comes around and they are too big for movements like kicks and rolls… Babies will move their hands still, exploring the face and body… They even play with the umbilical cord and of course engage in some stretching even though it is quite cramped by now…

The signs are seemingly endless!!!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Eric Rubin

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