Baby Massage Therapy – Mom’s & Baby’s Territory

Did you know? Massage is good for babies who are premature! Mentally, socially, physically. These are the ways your baby can develop from massage!

They always have a relaxed nature about them. Five minutes is enough for this!

They won’t cry nor fuss straight after a massage…

So what do you think are the benfits to a massage for a baby? They definitely sleep better…

What can you say about it?

Please find out in this article below.

  • A Mother’s Touch Is Best…

How grand would your baby feel once he/she is completely done with their first massage? Who else could you put your trust in to massage them? Don’t bother. Create this time to bond. It is not harmful but just take enough care to make it an enjoyable experience for you both.

If your baby is hungry they may not like to be massaged at all. Finding the perfect touch can be difficult at first. You don’t want to tickle your baby by touching too gently. Lighter strokes are better though than being too harsh.

Once you get used to your baby you can find massage gets easier like anything you do with your baby.

Never harm your baby in any way by doing things without investigating into them first!!!

Have you ever noticed though that only a mother can perform certain duties properly? Dad can’t do it all…

He/she may have gas and certain types of massage really work for this:

  • Raise their knees up and towards their tummy. Do this as gently as possible until you are used to it…
  • Bounce both knees into their tummy! Their knees should be held together as you keep repeating this action.

Our goal is to help your baby have no more pain from gas. What a shame but after you’ve learnt it you it should not frighten you anymore…

  • Begin Gently Mothers

Before beginning massages ask for permission…

You know what I mean Mum! It is your baby after all…

If your baby is receptive go ahead. The benefits are endless for you both. You should definitely head to a store and buy some scent-free oil.

Organic sunflower oil will do well. If you don’t trust it, too bad. It will work. Vegetable oil is kind to your babies skin. Another great example is grapeseed oil.

Rest your hands on your baby’s belly and slowly begin to massage him/her. Gently at first works and don’t stop…

What is the sign you should quit the massage? Your baby might fall off to sleep…

What do you think???  As long as your baby enjoys it there isn’t any need to quit the massage…

Some studies suggest that even jaundice goes away quicker due to sessions of baby massage.

Go until your baby has had enough.

The effects are many. Here in the next paragraph is a short & sweet technique to massage your baby…

Here we go…

  • Beginner’s Method!!!

At first glance people might judge you for massaging your baby but not to worry and don’t be emarrassed… Breastfeeding is another duty of yours that you are kind of shy about already (not true for all of you). I’m sure you can use a technique like this to massage your baby:

  1. Oil or cream, I prefer oil. Rub it in your hands. I like it when it gets warm.
  2. Work your way up each of their legs.
  3. When you get to the torso you can do one of two things. Either rub the chest or the tummy. Whichever you choose. Rub like opening a book and flattening the pages. Start at the centre and go out from there!
  4. Using circles continue stimulating the entire body of your baby until the end of the massage.

This is very basic but it works…

  • Intermediate Method

  1. Rub your chosen oil into your hands!
  2. Be sure to place a sheet or towel under your baby. Your baby should be resting on the changing table with a towel underneath him/her!
  3. Start by rubbing oil on your hands into your baby’s head or scalp!
  4. Start circling the joints with enough oil!
  5. Then run, in long strokes, your wet hands down all four limbs!
  6. In a clockwise motion begin then, to touch and massage the abdomen lightly and firmer as I have said before as you become more of an expert!
  7. Next you will have to turn your baby. He/she will now lie on their back as you gently (or firmly) massage into his/her back and then the buttocks!
  8. Before sleep or a nap you should dress them in a warm blanket or a warm towel! Warm clothes is of course perfect too!
  • Seeing The Light

This is a time for you to destress aswell as connect with your baby on a deeper level…

Their safety is first!

Sometimes though you will need to concentrate on yourself! After all, you are the parent but consider some of this advice:

  1. Stay calm before the massage mum!
  2. Essential oils should be avoided. Aromatherapy oils are the same as essentials oils…
  3. Try some oil on yourself. Test it properly on sensitive areas of your skin and your baby’s to make sure there is no reaction.
  4. If your baby has fever don’t use any full-touch massage.
  5. Be sure to use nut-free products if your baby or family is allergic.
  6. Your baby will be slippery afterwards. Avoid carrying them around naked. Going ahead and using a towel for this is safest…

These are a few points you need to remember!

Anything to do with babies takes care and effort mothers…

  • You Feel More Than Okay Now…

Oxytocin is the feel-good hormone released during a massage. Both you and your baby will experience it.

Keeping a massage routine can be easy when you plan it ahead of time. You may find it tiring but a few minutes is more than enough for you to enter into this release of warm-loving emotion.

In fact relief from depression in mothers is something that can be treated by using massage therapy on your baby. As you can now see the benefits are for your baby and you both!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Eric Rubin

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