Cooking For a Baby – An Art Beyond Instinct

A baby cannot take care of itself…

Keeping track of a baby’s needs is a fulltime job for mothers. I believe in taking your baby wherever you go even if that means on a plane or out shopping. There is no real practical way of going about it all… 

I hate to say it but 99% of your duties lie with your newborn baby and they only grow… 

Your baby was born and now you might have lost the connections and the controls as he/she progresses along the stages of life!

Instinct isn’t a factor you can ignore… Although there’re certain techniques you should believe in, they have worked and will work!!!

Cooking For a Baby, Beginnings


  • What dilemma do we face as parents? You can, with homemade baby food avoid expenses associated instead with buying baby food in your store, premade that is! You are sole owner over what your baby eats; both keeps inside and gets rid of!
  • How can we solve our dilemma? From green beans to butternut and pears… You may puree with a fork, avocado or apples… From sweet potato to bananas, the list is somewhat endless. Peas mashed; carrots mashed aswell! These kinds are safe to suggest to any parent!
  • What’s wiser?
    Extremely high temperatures are one key to killing bacteria in premade baby food you would buy only in stores though they also get rid of vital nutrients, vitamins and tastes… This process allows for food to be stored for a long time! Based on this manufacturing process you need to look more deeply into homemade food.
  • It takes up time to make food for your baby at home but it’s well worth it!

The Right Way to Think

Let’s go through a list of foods you can feed your baby/ies!

Their ages:

  1. From birth to 4 months: digestive tract still needs development. Breast milk and formula only! Solid foods are not correct for now…
  2. From 4 to 6 months: now they can move food front and back in the mouth. It’s a sign that you can start them on solids. Pureed vegetables then fruit and guess what even meat (chicken, beef and pork). Iron-fortified cereals and small amounts of yoghurt. No cow’s milk…
  3. From 6 to 8 months: requirements are the same as a baby has from four to six months old. Nowadays we see fruit and vegetable drinks all-in-one! Problem is I cannot find my favourite! Add tofu, unsweetended yoghurt and pureed legumes such as kidney beans, fava beans, black beans and so on!
  4. From 8 to 10 months: a baby can take all the food into their mouth! Did you know that? Not for a fact!!! That is certainly a proud moment for any parent, what an achievement! Give a baby soft cheese, fruit & veg of course and some cereal. Protein is for example poultry or chicken as we usually say, boneless fish, some tofu and more!
  5. From 10 to 12 months: Baby has more teeth now… Follow the method above!!!
  6. By now your baby can use a spoon. Am I wrong? Just to improve on baby’s menu a little bit… I would like to tell you what you can feed a baby from twelve months onwards (’til +- twenty-four). Here we go. Is it Honey to eggs; peanut butter & soft veg; pasta; rice & mixed cereal to full-fat yoghurt??? Or is it not cottage cheese; some wholewheat bread cauliflower and broccoli trees? Could I be wrong? No, feed them all of the above foods for a healthy baby!

Thanks Mum!


Fighting Illness

Sometimes your baby might want to go to feeding entirely on breast milk or formula. Each of them are high in nutrition! 

Breastmilk contains antibodies that will build-up your baby’s immune system.

Ginger tea will boost your baby’s immune-system immensely. Ginger has high anti-oxidant properties so boil it for a few minutes and allow it to cool. Keep it warm and not at boiling temperatures. Add some drops of honey if you want… Lemon works well. I know it for a fact.

What will happen when baby no longer wants to eat???

Offer your baby food they like and at regular intervals. You should not force-feed your baby…

Take Care Mum and Dad

Did you know??? 

If your baby is fed solid food too early on it will either cause them to suck food into their airway, get too many or not enough calories and nutrients or you can increase a baby’s risk of obesity…

Did you in fact know???

Giving a baby solid food too late poses it’s own risk!!

  • A baby not necessarily become interested in solid food again very easily though it is temporary
  • A baby could get iron-deficiency
  • It might stunt a baby’s growth & development!!!
  • It also might delay or slow down ‘oral motor function’…

So you must attack it all from two-sides at once, I mean start right and end right! 

I believe you’re either wrong or right about a baby.

Maybe you totally disagree Mum!

Insurance Policy

Babies need Iron…

It is essential to their diet.

We see their tiny tummies. 

They really need good nutrition!!! 

They get full quickly but ust because a baby is full, doesn’t mean he is healthy in the future! She for that matter aswell…

Iron is a nutrient well-known in science for producing hemoglobin. Hemoglobin transports oxygen throughout your body. Too little iron will lead your body to not produce enough red blood cells. In turn our tissues and organs cannot get enough oxygen. Not enough iron in your diet and it will negatively affect your growth and development!!!

Iron-rich foods exist and are listed neatly below:

For your use only Mum!!!

  • Iron-fortified formula
  • Iron-fortified cereals
  • Dark leafy- spinach or kale (leafy and dark green that is eaten as a vegetable!)
  • Prunes, apricots, raisins
  • Legumes
  • Beans
  • Lentils
  • Now, red meats such as lamb, liver, beef and ham!!


If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Eric Rubin

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