How To Buy Baby Shoes – Run Jump, Hide!

Baby shoes are utterly cute. Boys and girls both need ’em? So yes of course, they can be special. They become sentimental, don’t they?

How to buy baby shoes is something you should definitely read about, I hope you guys and gals understand me on this subject after this! If not, hell, you can decide by reading more posts…

Baby Safety

Keeping your shoes on is mainly for protecting your feet, most especially traveling outdoors.

In the wintertime we change them for the warmer type. The hippies often go barefoot all over the place but this leads to embarrassment for the average person, am I wrong y’all? Now…

Every good pair of shoes or boots needs a good pair of socks or stockings for those of us who prefer them and now and then both are necessary. A baby gets chilly quickly, they need some form of cover…

Why Babies See Danger as An Opportunity






Non-skid soles are excellent for both indoors and outdoors. People seem to give preferance to no shoes and simply that baby wears socks or stays barefoot whilst learning to walk. They might hurt their feet then you can decide on the way forward. ‘Outdoors, to protect the feet from injury, flexible shoes that allow the normal use of muscles and normal development of the foot should be worn.’

Choices & More Choices

Measure your baby’s feet or if you have the energy to slip them on in-store (the last thing you want is for your adorable little shoe shopper to be tired and crabby), go ahead.   In any case you’ll figure this all out whether you like it or not!

Are they ready to start walking? Shop at the right time, get them a pair that fits properly… Don’t worry so much…Why Celebrate Without Gifts



How to shop:

  • shop when baby is less moody
  • at night their feet are swollen, shop later on in the afternoon


  1. Don’t lose their shoes, lace-ups are hard for a baby to take off. Double-knot ’em – get them with long laces.
  2. Now, slip-on shoes help save time! Lost shoes are a drawback though. They save time when they’re put on and taken off!
  3. Velcro shoes can be figured out pretty quickly… Baby can develop a longtime fetish for removing shoes. On and off is a breeze though!

What's For Christmas Mum, Dad: Siblings

Shoe qualities

  1. Baby shoes should definitely be soft!!!
  2. They should have very flexible & bendable soles!
  3. They should be light and breathable for those of you with more than 1 pair!
  4. Avoid shoes made from leather especially the stiff kind since they can prevent your baby’s feet from growing!
  5. Synthetic boot and shoes are not breathable, definitely not…

The list goes on…

  1. Soft leather, canvas, cloth all work!
  2. Good traction from non-skid bottomed types – especially for walking on slippery floors, can you imagine when they are wet!!


Truly cuter than AnimalS

Do the squeeze test…

  • If the shoe you choose is made from a softer fabric, put the shoe on your child’s foot and then try to pinch some of the material between your fingers. If you are unable to gather any material, the shoes are probably too tight. The shoe should have a little bit of wiggle room, but not too much!!!
  • Look for signs of discomfort. Baby shoes should never need to be “broken in.” Let your baby walk around in the shoes for a while when you are still in the store. Tripping or limping indicate discomfort. Does your baby move normally, or do the shoes seem to hinder movement? When you take the shoes off, look for any red spots or irritated areas on your baby’s feet. If you find any, you may want to try another pair!!!
  • Check the fit often. All babies grow at different rates, but their feet often grow really fast! Some babies may have growth spurts that will require new shoes sooner than you would think. Check your baby’s shoes often to make sure their toes aren’t squished and that there’s ample room for their little feet to grow!!!


A Little Science for Y’all…


Let Newborn Babes Rest


When should you put shoes on a baby?Continue to have your baby’s feet measured every six weeks to eight weeks until she is about four years old… Socks are a careful pick!

At nine months find them and buy them some walking shoes, preferably more than one pair, I remember I had about three if I remember correctly!!! Prewalkers are good until they aren’t anymore if you get my drift!

Should babies walk barefoot? Walking barefoot can help develop muscles and ligaments in the foot, and strengthen the foot’s arch. When toddlers walk barefoot, it also helps improve their proprioception (their awareness of their position in relation to the space around them), which is extremely beneficial for their motor development.

Their shoes sizes…

0-3 month olds      EU..16  USA-  1

3-6 month olds      EU..17  USA-  2

6-9 month olds      EU..18  USA-  3  Where are these really from? Mum!

9-12 month olds    EU..19  USA-  4



1 yr olds (boys)     EU..20-21 USA-  5-5.5 UK.. 4-4.5    (girls) 20-215-5.5/4-4.5

2 yr olds (boys)     EU22-23/ USA6-7/UK5-6                  (girls) 22-23/ 6-7/5-6

On The Go

By the time your child’s third birthday rolls around, many of her basic movements will have become second nature. She’ll be able to walk up and down stairs with one foot on each stair. She’ll no longer need to focus energy on walking, standing, running, or jumping, though some actions, such as standing on tiptoes or on one foot, might still require concentration and effort.

Look at the King of The Road

Goody Two-shoes

Once your baby is walking around outside your baby will need shoes, until then barefoot walking is naturally going to improve their co-ordination, balance and fearlessness to do with moving in general.

The best shoes for my boy!

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