How to Lose Weight After Giving Birth – Rescue Yourself & Your Body

pregnant-with-teaWomen need to maintain a certain weight when they are pregnant and they certainly keep alot of weight on after birth.

Suddenly you take on a new mindset, one that requires you to suddenly lose these extra pounds!

Health and weight are related. I mean being overweight can become a serious health-risk. There are millions of people around the globe suffering daily from being overweight and obesity. I’m no news anchor on such an issue!

There are methods on how to lose weight after giving birth, thank Krishna!!!

Did you know all mothers have to experience such a thing?

Again thank God humankind has won this knowledge to share with those who are willing!

These are in fact not so easy to use let alone find. I think that looking for an ‘education’ on dieting can be a somewhat difficult task…

Guys and girls our diet careers have got to start somewhere! You might take dieting lightly but finding and using one not anything stupid!

You could read on and find more for yourself. That little bit more that you won’t regret. Your body will eventually thank you, well not literally!

I myself am a firm believer in water-fasting for instance. You are water fasting when you eat little to nothing or nothing and keep on drinking only water. You don’t want to add on other beverages but some tea or fruit juice blends are a great cheat I guess!!! Skipping meals is a quick-fire, obvious solution to diet (if you can really call it a diet!). There is such a thing called fruitarianism which I love too. Fruitarianism has you consuming fruit only!!! Nuts and seeds can be jumbled in there, healthy enough… I in fact thought this form of eating/dieting up recently and then realised I can’t be the first to have thought of it. Millions of people must have used it over history. With fruitarianism I notice how hungry I can be yet I am not too afraid of these hunger pains. When I get these pains I simply pop another fruit in my mouth!!!

Share some of this knowledge if you wish to…

Don’t read about dieting and start to quit it all together. Chop it into ‘mouthfuls’ and use what you like, just some of it will go along way!

Might I remind you of the 2004 American documentary film Super Size me?

Interesting no?

Enjoy the time you have, trapped in your body by taking health more seriously.

Nutritionists and scientists spend thousands of hours studying health… That’s a good sign.

Thoughts of My Own

a-baby-is-thinkingSafety is a priority for anyone trying to lose weight. This can be seen as a subject out there all on it’s own…


Health issues are no new subject for us humans.

However you feel about losing weight it is not as easy as it looks.

There are indeed some secrets out there on weight-loss but don’t fall for them all.

Positivity is one powerful secret you can share in on! Don’t quit is essentially the meaning of that one…

You might like to take it to the extreme and diet it all off in no time at all. Please think twice before you use this method mom! Crash dieting is not really a diet…

Your baby is now free of your womb and it comes time to choose your own way forward in terms of your body. At this stage you can basically eat anything you want to…

Eating what you want leads to some trouble after a while… Careful!!!

I don’t know if people think eating what you want can’t hurt you but this is the exact way we all gain weight and ignore saving our bodies from bad health…

Weight ‘n Healthaverage-pregnancy-weight-gain

Now we will go into what weight is really about.

Firstly we should look at why you should lose weight straight after giving birth.

Successfully losing this excess weight will help you avoid two things:

  • The heightened risk of diabetes and heart disease


  • The increased risk of being (or staying) overweight

These are two good examples!

This process, I must say, will take time. Returning to your original weight will not happen straight away.

Remember your health affects your baby’s health too.

By this stage in becoming a mother you will definitely have to rely on good nutrition. The kind of nutrition that should speed up your healing and recovery after birth!

My Own Fresh Water Source!

You may already know how important water is to dieting.

You will actually burn up to 30% more calories in the next hour from just 500ml of some fresh water!

Dieting Benefits of Water

  • It may reduce your calorie intake
  • It can suppress your appetite
  • It boosts your metabolism
  • It aids in weight loss (my favourite)

Breastfeeding dehydrates you so drinking water regularly is important mum. If you are exercising, you can safely drink 1 to 2 litres a day!

Natural ways to lose weight

Nowadays the amount of diets out there allow you to pick and choose. They have grown in amount. I mean each of us can use any single diet out of thousands, millions and more out there!

Although certain methods are at least as old as Christopher Columbus!


You get green tea, black tea even white tea!

I go on with stating that the world has thousands of teas and more… There is herbal tea; Puerh Tea that is made from the same plant used for making green, Oolong and black tea; peppermint; lemon and Rooibos.

The list goes on…

Tea is a great for losing weight. A few cups a day is harmless and suppresses your appetite for long enough to lose weight.

Consider taking up to three cups in as short a time as an hour to supress your own appetite!

Appetite Suppressants

Foods that suppress your appetite are something intriguing to me.

You might have heard about some of them!

Their function is essentially to reduce your food intake!

Only a place like the World Wide Web could provide one with such information. Okay, there are other ways…honey-to-lose-weight


Honey is better than sugar when it comes to filling your stomach. Of course the science behind it is authentic but why question it when you can try it for yourself?


Ginger is another smart food to consume. It will help you eat less during your next meal!

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate works too and is proven to minimize appetite. When eaten a few minutes before your meal it seems to work at it’s best.

The Food Pyramid…

  • Eggs
  • Pulses
  • High-fibre food: fruit, vegetables, beans and wholegrains
  • Protein-rich food: lean meats, avocados, nuts, beans and cheese
  • Cayenne Pepper

Beverages to Decrease Your Appetite

Green tea extract

Whatever you might know, green tea has got caffeine in it. Other than this you should be aware of green tea extract. It’s health benefits stand alongside it’s ability to reduce fat and boost metabolism! It is a well-known stimulant!


Simply it is one the most consumed beverages in the whole wide world, animals excluded! It has similar functions to gree noo much may raise you blood pressure…

It has similar functions to green tea extract but too much may raise your blood pressure… Two cups of coffee will do the job!

Yerba mate

Native to South America! It’s from the Ilex (I-L-E-X) paraguariensis plant.

Well-known for it’s energy-boosting properties… When you have found this tea please don’t hesitate to drink around three cups a day! It’s so easy…

Obvious signs of weight-loss can be seen after a few weeks.

It also improves mood especially combined with high-intensity exercise.

Diet Approved Mum…

I have really given you a simple way out of the stress that comes along with dieting. I mean these methods and ingredients or foods if you like are really quite easy to find, use and enjoy… You don’t even need to cook and clean up afterwards! Not for the most part!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Eric Rubin

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