Schwinn Interval 2-in-1 Jogging Stroller Review – German Design!

Product: Schwinn Interval 2-in-1 Jogging Stroller with Locking Front Wheel
Price: $199.99
Cheapest Place to Buy:
Weight: 15-50 pounds or 6.80-22.67 kilo’s
1 year limited warranty
My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

The Schwinn Jogging Stroller, Product Overviewschwinn-jogger-stroller

Founded by Ignaz Schwinn (German-born). Schwinn also developed the Corvette!

Appearing in the Schwinn cataloque, there was the Corvette, all the way back in 1955! The Schwinn Bicycle Company started off way back in 1895 and Ignaz lived from 1860 to 1945. It was the dominant manufacturer of American bicycles! Schwinn is an American Icon.

I hope you will Schwinn Interval 2-in-1 Jogging Stroller Review.

Bottome line is…

Schwinn is a product to be reckoned with!

Just to let you know that intoday’s age they make all kinds. Elliptical machines to treadmills, tricycles and more…

We have here a product designed to ensure your baby gets an extra-comfortable ride.

It is an incredibly safe stroller. It takes all-terrain to a new level!

Schwinn seems to master each new product they promote and it shows…

The all-terrain capabilty is undeniable. I guess you shouldn’t hold back because traveling with your baby is no fuss with it’s smooth shock performance. Prove me wrong but I find it ideal. I like the promise it shows on even some of the roughest roads.

…Go off-road and explore nature without a second thought, gentlemen and gentleladies!

It is therefore a pleasure one can look forward to. You can spoil yourself once in a while once you’ve fallen in love with it like I have learned to.

Your baby will have immense fun going along with you on your jog and even a run.

I also fell in love with the Schwinn Arrow! It’s quite sexy in my eyes in fact. It looks safe and due to it’s affordabilty it has grown on me.

Technology is quite a gift to us all nowadays. I think these strollers are way too cool, all stats aside.

It Doesn’t Stop There, Product Details!

It features so much, let’s just dive in if you’re interested…

It has a (lockable) swivel wheel to take you from jogging through to running and back to strolling again! This is part and parcel of your own personal comfort as a parent slash fitness athlete! Performance shocks: smooth; ready for the roughest roads.

For you, Mum or indeed Dad your belongings have the safest home in the Shwinn’s easy-access tray. The basket is extra-large creating a storage space for either you or your travel excited baby or both…

As the path flows or creates an obstacle for you and your baby, your air-filled tires are as strong as a bicycle’s. They have pure grip and will certainly tame the paths ahead! No need to tame your explorative spirit. Stick your explorative nature please, it’s assured you may…

Schwinn makes an example further on it’s well thought-out list of ergonomic features. Ergonomic means efficiency and comfort!

  • Resistance is lessened due to it’s smartly designed and polished ball bearings
  • Push the Schwinn Jogger at the perfect angle because the stroller’s handle easily adjusts
  • Seat cushioning is premium aswell as it’s well-padded strap covers
  • It has an extra-large canopy which allows your baby easy protection from the elements. Rated UPF 50+ (ultraviolet protection factor). This ratingschwinn-interval-jogger-stroller is excellent
  • This feature is exciting for me, it has a child tray with a single cupholder and a snack tray
  • It has multi-position recline
  • It will fold easily for convenient storage
  • Parent tray is included. It’s handy cupholders are for a waterbottle and other items to keep close at hand


schwinn-jogger-strollersThis is not really a sales-pitch because soon after are the cons.

  1. It is comfortable
  2. It is lightweight
  3. Good value for money
  4. Easily cleanable
  5. Handles rough terrains without trouble
  6. Padding on the strollers straps will ensure your baby feels no discomfort. Chafing will no longer be a concern
  7. Your baby will stay safely in place due to Schwinn’s addition of a 5-point padded harness
  8. Top-of-the-line safety
  9. Converts easily from a jogger into a conventional stroller by locking and unlocking it’s front wheel


The stroller, well-designed, might have some cons you should read about.

Some of you might not fit this Schwinn into the trunk of your favourite and economical small car. It may be seen as heavy and bulky but prices suddenly soar if you wish to find a more compact version besides this one. Not much more to say, sorry.

The Corvette & The Schwinn!

‘Swinde’ is Middle High German for the words either impetuous or fierce. Schwinn is from Swinde, basically…

Impetuous is an adjective which means: to do something suddenly, not considering the results of one’s actions!schwinn-3-wheel-stroller

I think Schwinn is a brand that can be trusted though and this is obvious to me! Whatever the background of Schwinn is, we mustn’t fail at demanding a certain sense of pleasure linked with buying. You can all pay attention to your tastes although please don’t forget that quality is a must.

I’ve done enough of a sales-pitch here and I am honest when I say I never meant to do it at all.

Now that I am completing this review I hoped I’d see that I’ve acted objectively. No, I know I have failed in this way!

I have had the sheer enjoyment of experiencing a ‘Schwinn’. I like these contraptions, that’s all there is to it!

My personal experience was when I owned a Schwinn bicycle. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My Dad bought me this bicycle that I didn’t really want to ride because it looked like some alien vehicle! I didn’t want to destroy it in any way just like you wouldn’t want to destroy a classic car, a Ford Thunderbird for example, or a hot rod for that matter!!!

I think this bicycle must have been related to the Corvette. I still remember it to this day! It was crafted beautifully…

…Good day everybody…

Hasta La Vista (see you later)!

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