Ways to Help a Baby Sleep – Bonding Rituals Never Worked Better

Your baby might not enjoy good sleeping patterns from day one. Most people know very little when it comes to babies. There are in fact quite a few ways to help a baby sleep.


A hyper state of awareness can turn into something useful! Stress has benefits when it is channeled. Mindfulness means helping your baby first rather than yourself. The key is to learn techniques you should employ when you are stressed out. These techniques are those that you help your baby with. Once a baby has settled down, stress should start to leave.

  • How to put your baby to sleep properly 

Do I as a mother wake my my baby up at the same time everyday? Theoretically speaking… Do I as a father really need to assist mom in every duty?

Putting your baby to sleep at the same time everyday will ensure them a good nights sleep. Waking your baby consistently at the same time daily changes their sleeping patterns for the better.

  • If I Have a newborn what do i do?

Some folks believe a newborn should sleep on their backs. Buying a crib may seem like another good option.
Newborns can tell who is holding them by smell alone. They experience all of life in a very sensory way. Think of their brains as a sponge for soaking up everyday activities.

  • Why do babies cry around sleep time?

A baby will cry until their parents come to the rescue. Crying means alot of things for babies. If only we knew what they wish to communicate.

Nighttime sleep is important. Napping is another form of sleep. Short bursts of sleep are an effective way to refresh. Each baby’s schedule is different.

  • Mother and father duties

As a father it is somewhat of a duty to join in on the time it takes looking after your baby. If you are studious it may become fun. You might find holding a newborn comes to be a challenge though. Some of us start out as fish out of water.

Your reassurance comes by realsing fathers have raising instincts too. Instincts that grow over time and sprout up within you. Certain instincts may emerge at the same time as mom’s do! This will potentially lead to better communication between parents.





  • Cutting your time in half

  1. A baby that is already drowsy. Now is the best time to put your little one to bed.
  2. On the other hand when your baby has fallen asleep in your arms, they will be easily disturbed as you lay them to rest.
  3. By resting with your baby you can monitor their every move.
  • How to put your mind at ease

Following your own instincts counts for something.

Your are often tested as a mother but with some practice, you will be well on your way to success.

  • Putting your baby gently to sleep…

Rather than rocking a baby to sleep, you may find light cuddling will work consistently. It gets easier with time. Associatiing with your baby or bonding with them becomes easier over time, guaranteed!

  • Touch Down…

You baby is able to learn to fall asleep in bed too. Rather than on you… It is a significant aspect in the weaning process. You can rock your baby until they are in a drowsy state.

  1. Place your baby on your bed
  2. Then pat or put firm pressure on their tummy until they fall asleep
  3. Once a baby sleeps easily in bed, you simply calm them instead of rocking them
  4. Getting him/her drowsy with patting in bed…
  5. It is time to use cuddling
  6. In the end cuddling will put your baby in the mood for sleeping
  • Light plays an important role

Light plays an important role for your baby to rest soundly. Dimming the lights to help a baby sleep is important and can yield more hours of sleep. You might consider using a night-light.

  • Quiet rituals…

Placing a baby quietly to sleep is a good practice. On a scale of 1 to 10, you can gauge how much time you have before a baby begins to fall asleep. Lay your baby down before this.

  • Quiet your baby with music

They settle down easily with music. This is one of the best methods guaranteed!

  • Waking for feeding

For an happy sleeping schedule you can provide warm milk in the middle of the night.

  • When they respond to a good routine

A good routine is the same as providing a ‘turned off’ environment. They will quickly find it easy to recognise when its bedtime. At around three months you can start with this method.

  • Bathing them

After a warm bath you should dress your baby in some warm pyjamas… This ensures your baby gets a good night’s rest.

Consistency here is key. Nothing will be better unless it is based on simple routines and a little imagination…

Nothing is better than a good night’s sleep. Babies learn quickly.

  • The deep sleep stage

Is your baby truly under Hypnos’ influence? Hypnos is the god of sleep…

Drowsiness is the first sign of deep sleep

REM, sometimes called active sleep, will follow.

  1. Baby may twitch his/her arms and legs
  2. The eyes may move beneath the eyelids

Light sleep is characterised by more regular breathing.

    • Fighting Sleep

Some parents get much less sleep once a baby enters their lives! Mom may get little to no rest once your baby enters your life! It will present itself as a real task not to be taken lightly.


If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Eric Rubin


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