What to Give at a Baby Shower – Unique Gifts are Thoughtful at the Same Time

When a new baby is born the whole family is excited! It is a celebration of the delivery or expected birth of another baby. This is a time for showering the mother to be with gifts…

Traditionally women are the only ones invited. If nowadays men are welcomed, it is smart to say so on the invite you send out. These decisions can all be made by the mother-to-be! As a new father or father-to-be you can arrive just before the gifts are opened. When did baby showers first start? Was it purely based in caucasian culture or does the East have such a celebration, in history, too? You used to have to send out a letter as an invite. Today we can type away and create a good enough invite via email. This might be a less classy option but it is a good way of testing who will show up and who will not. There was a time when you invited only those that were close to you. It created an intimate occassion. That has changed a little bit. Anybody and everybody could arrive, people you never knew but this a way of guaranteeing a ton of gifts.

As always there are some gifts that we will not enjoy. You yourself could have given a gift that you sense didn’t go down well. It could weigh on your conscience but you say to yourself, “I’ll do better next time” or “I hope I never get invited again!”. Jealousy sometimes escapes people’s minds. We feel as if someone else’s gift is way better than ours. For this we could even turn into a bad person! Can you think of how much effort a birthday, for instance, takes? This is no hot bath, aromatherapy massage or free dessert… You’re meeting friends of friends and even friends of your own best friend whom you might have never met before! How tiring and in some cases how awkward! You pray for this situation to change quickly. Your prayers are answered. You are safely in the eye of the storm now. If you’re lucky! Some of you have different experiences with this subject but surely you have been to one party or another that plays out in this way.

In a baby shower you’re on your best behaviour. This is never a time to misbehave. This leads us to one question. Are you aware of what to give at a baby shower?

-Gifts That Stand Out-

Night Light

I personally like the idea of receiving a night light. They are an interesting item to acquire especially as a gift!!!

There are definite pros to owning your own night light. If you need to check on a baby there is always a calm lighting scenario in the room… It sheds enough of a glow to make your job a little easier!

If your baby sleeps in the same room as you it will take you quick time to get used to it.

You will be able to keep onto your night light for a few years to come.

Gentle Products

How could you go wrong with baby products. You have too many options so choose wisely. Not every parent has the time to buy a different array of baby toiletries for their little ones. By chipping in on the toiletry expenses you will do the mother-to-be a helping hand. Its a classy way to spend on someone else’s baby! You should look at three options, toiletries for: baby boys; girls and you could also purchase, for the baby shower ahead, some unisex soaps, shampoos, moisturisers and so on. There isn’t any limit I can think of! I will reminded you to think in terms of value for money!

Now the common rule is to extend presents that are all to do with babies. That is for babies, with babies and about them! What about secretly spending your budget on the new mom. No-one should complain that this is inappropriate. Some folks just know very little about pregnancy, babies and the rest of it. If you don’t know what to buy look for a gift for the baby’s mom!!! Its the thought that counts…

You need to become aware of some points before you go baby shopping:

  • Buy gentle soap for the baby. This soap shouldn’t be filled with potentially harmful chemicals.
  • The soap you select also needs to be non-toxic.
  • Soaps that lather too much do so due to added chemicals. Please be careful about this kind of soap.
  • Soap with a fragrance is harmful. Fragrant soap, once again, contains too many chemicals that can cause harm to your or another’s baby.
  • If there are allergies in a child or baby find and buy soap that is hypoallergenic. These soaps specifically cause fewer allergic reactions!!!
  • A simple scan, with your eyes, of the ingredients inside a bar of soap can further help your buying. Soaps that are made with alcohol, glycol, propylene and some other chemicals or ingredients are by far not the best choice for babies.

There are those of us that live with sensitive skin. If you do then you will know more than most people on this subject…

A baby’s skin is sensitive, always is… A soap bar with almond, for instance, is very gentle. If you acquire milk, cocoa butter, olive oil or honey soap then you are on the money… Gentle soap is never the wrong thing to buy. You need to add this information to buying any other baby products like shampoo and bubble bath!

Whether you’re buying for the mother or her baby. Unisex type products will do well. If you know the baby’s gender then go ahead and get some bathing products for boys or girls only .

Your choice has only one extra rule. Thats is to pick and choose mindfully. If you have to mix brands to make a complete hamper then so be it. Giving somebody a well planned present is a big accomplishment. So well done… You now know how to shop for better quality…

Baby Books

When promoting bonding between a mother and her baby, some things work better than others!!! A parent needs to keep up with their baby’s energy levels more often than not. The time and energy a parent expends slowly but surely pays off. Stimulation has a beneficial side effect. Once you begin reading to your young one it leads to a stronger bond. Just like choosing choosing a favourite teacher. You have bonded with this teacher more so than with the other teachers in your school. Mother and child are very much in the moment when mom reads a baby book to her tiny one… Provided your choices in which books you select make you both happy, reading will become more than just taking in new information! Baby books are another great idea for a baby shower gift/present. They’re not a bad idea at all…

One day your baby will give up with a book but you can get good use out of one. If you have owned a baby book then you are lucky.

This, in my opinion, is easily one of the best gifts you can give at a baby shower. If you ever wanted to teach your baby to speak then a book will add to their vocabulary. For those interested…

A New Baby Blanket

A baby blanket is not an unwelcome gift, I promise you! There are so many types. A baby blanket is alot more soft and cuddly than any other blanket out there. You have blankets made of soft cotton flannel, fleece and so on!

Baby blankets must go far back in history. For this fact we can only imagine how creative, unique and colourful some of them could have been.

Feeding and changing; cuddling too… The uses of a baby blanket outweigh it’s price! Once again we know that this is a perfect example of gaining good value for money!

How Unique Should One Go?

If you buy gifts for a baby shower, considering the most unique of gifts can’t set you on the wrong path. At least not anytime soon!!! For example- mom already has all she needs and she likes it this way. She will never expect to replace these items until baby no longer needs ’em. They are temporary things. Buying these essentials is a done and dusted job or a job well done…
If you deliver a gift, wrapped, that has a little bit of Picasso-like colour or design… If you have a Van Gogh for a blanket or a Rembrandt for a teddy bear then you’re the winner. Sometimes its good to win. All this means is you’ve thought long and hard. All this energy spent has led to a good result. Again, job well done. If your gift is unique and you’re pleased with it then you’ve uncovered some gold treasure.
Don’t forget to wrap your presents. Of course you wouldn’t!!!
If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.
All the best,
Eric Rubin

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